ALCHEMY with ASTROCATZ:  Catching Dreams

What is it about Dreamcatchers that is so alluring to me?  I recognize this object as cultural borrowing that frequents many Brooklyn apartments and yes I have even worn one as an accessory.  But I still want a giant powerful dreamcatcher above my bed not only because it looks awesome, but I really do need one for my crazy ass dreams.  I have always experienced random psychic occurrences, and especially through my dreams.  One of my goals this year is to tap into my dream world and welcome whatever else comes with it.  So I need to make a working dream catcher and tell you if it really works or not.  (This also might be an excuse to take down the tacky Pier 1 mask my boyfriend hung above the bed, Aries men and their decorating… gotta love em!)  

Here is my imagespiration board… stay tuned for my DIY Dreamcatcher tutorial!